Together with Mayim


While we can't all be together in community for prayer, there are still ways we can experience moments of connection and reflection at home.
Each week on Mondays, we will post a new Mayim t'filah experience (including T'floptions you can do from home!). Every few days we will also post a new prompt for at-home silent prayer and reflection. We hope you will take a few minutes each day to calm your bodies and recharge your souls with us.


Chugim are online! If you are looking for more connection to TBS for your child through fun enrichment activities, you can join the Chugim Google Classroom. We will be posting regular content, including live and recorded videos with our educators and teens, to provide your child with a short activity and a way to maintain a lasting connection to TBS while we cannot be physically together.

Story Time

Join our TBS educators for a story! Click on the links below to watch a story at home!

Google Classrooms

Click on the buttons below to access your Google Classroom(s). You will not be able to access the classrooms unless you have joined, let us know if you need an access code!

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