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Mayim is our original, signature elementary learning program (grades K-5) at Temple Beth Shalom. Mayim offers an experiential and project-based learning curriculum. It is a wonderful way for children to experience meaningful Jewish learning as they build relationships in our TBS community. There is rich learning that happens each year, and learning builds from one year to the next.


Children attend Mayim once a week and learn in mixed groups: Kindergarteners on their own, 1st-2nd graders together, 3rd-4th graders together, and 5th graders on their own. There are typically 10-12 children per group, with two groups at each age level meeting on the same day. 


On weekdays, flexible drop-off is available starting at 2:45. During our early drop-off program, children can participate in a range of chugim (electives), such as Nature Club, Active Games, Homework Space, Arts & Crafts. and more!  Bus transportation is available from the Needham Public Schools for an additional cost.

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