Hebrew Learning



Students in grades 3-5 participate in 45 minutes per week of Hebrew learning outside of the chavurah sessions. There is a range of scheduling possibilities for these learning groups, either as an extension onto chavurah time or on a different day of the week.


The Hebrew learning groups consist of approximately 6 students guided by one Hebrew educator.  This allows for individual attention and instruction for the children to practice and improve their Hebrew language skills connected to Hebrew reading and gaining proficiency in t’filah (prayer) and reading Torah text.

Groups are determined first by the day of the week that parents choose for the small group learning time, and then by the proficiency of the students.  We do our best to arrange groups at similar levels.  By working with such a small group of children, the teachers are able to tailor the sessions to multiple levels and give each student individualized attention.


Knowing that a 45-minute learning session might result in additional transportation or childcare conflicts for some families, we provide a supervised lounge space (Moadon) for homework and quiet activities on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:45-5:45 for children whose small-group Hebrew learning is scheduled on these days.