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The Core Beliefs of Mayim


When we began our two-year proces of re-imagining what Jewish learning could look like for grades K-5 at TBS, we identified the core beliefs that we believe to be essential to the success of these new programs. The essence of these can be found in the title and logo for our Mayim program. (Remember, Mayim is the Hebrew word for water.)


At the heart of our program (and the Vision for Excellence in Learning at TBS as well as the mission and vision for the congregation at large) is community. We strive to create and nurture "HaKehilah" (the community), in every arena of temple life, and that is certainly true for our children and families. The other "H" molecule in the logo is "HaLimud" (the learning), which will strengthen with this innovative new Jewish learning program. What connects these two core values is "Omek" (depth). We build a K-5 learning community where depth of relationships and depth of learning are intentionally fostered and visible everywhere.

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