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Youth Groups


BESTY (BEth Shalom Temple Youth) is the Temple Youth Group (TYG) at Temple Beth Shalom. BESTY is a place for students to make connections with peers that are not in their weekly mifgash and to deepen relationships that they have already made. BESTY events are social gatherings, and are open to all TBS kids within each grade level, regardless of their Mayim enrollment.

Itty Bitty BESTY

Grades K-2

Advisor: Kelly Kossar


To learn more about Kelly, click here!


For more information about Itty Bitty BESTY, contact Lila,



Grades 3-4

Advisor: Lila

To learn more about Lila, click here!


For more information about mini BESTY, contact Lila,



Grades 5-7

Advisor: Rachel Frish


To learn more about Rachel click here!


For more information about Jr. BESTY, contact Rachel,

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